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About Me


In 2015, I gave birth to my eldest son; I was 21 years of age, young, still naive to a lot of the workings of the world and I was figuring out life as a new mom. My son was born extremely jaundiced due to a blood incompatibility between myself and my husband. The doctors of the NICCU told me it would be detrimental to my newborn’s health to deviate from their health plan which included: keeping him in an incubator under the blue lights without skin-to-skin and no direct breastfeeding, none of which was helping to improve his health. With the help of my mother, who is an RN, I learned and exercised my patient rights. Incorporating breastfeeding and skin-to-skin time into my son's plan caused his Bilirubin levels to drop, and within a week we were discharged from the NICCU; It was in that moment that I discovered the power of breast milk and humanity in addition to science to heal our babies. This was my initiation into perinatal care. I knew I wanted to help other Black women who, like me, weren't aware of the plethora of obstacles that may come about if you’re Black while giving birth and, more importantly, help them navigate overcoming those challenges. My initial solution to this was to become a Doula; however, while completing my studies I encountered yet another way Black women were falling through the cracks: lactation. I learned the ways in which Black people are disproportionately affected by adverse health outcomes and how breastfeeding counters many of those outcomes for Black moms and infants. I learned the ways in which access to support was a barrier for my people. I learned that something as simple as breastfeeding could save 900 babies a year from dying; and I knew I needed to bring this to my community.

My experience gives me greater insight to guide, support and assist you and your family in achieving the outcomes you desire; I aim to gain your trust and work together in order to develop a customized plan that is both effective and fits your lifestyle.

Baby's Grasp
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